Youth Ministry







Vision: Transforming young people to become disciples  of Jesus Christ in full filling the great commission

Mission : Passionate in youth development , we  are determined to communicate the gospel message to young people in Southern Africa in obedience to the biblical command  through holistic programs

Core values

1.  Prayerfulness,  2.  Respect, 3.  Integrity,  4.  Servant hood

Aims & Objectives

1. To carryout the Great Commission, brining young people to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

2. To proclaim and teach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ among young people.

3. To inculcate a spirit of living a clean life among young people.

4. To disseminate the gospel through the publication and distribution of appropriate Christian literature and through conducting of public evangelistic meetings and events.

5. To train, disciple and educate young people to be of assistance to their immediate surrounding.

6. To train young people to contribute and give input from a Christian perspective to local, regional, provincial and national level.

7. To train young people to promote, uphold and defend Christian principles, values and norms in a pro-active and non-confrontational manner.









Church is centered in New Heaven in Paballelo Upington


President Steyn Street 7

Die Rand 



Business ours:

Mondays: 8am - 10pm

Tuesdays: 8am - 10pm

Wednesday: 8am - 10pm

Thursdays: 8am - 10pm

Fridays: ​​8am - 10pm

Saturday: 8am - 10pm

​Sunday: 8am - 11pm

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